Fathers’ Hall of Fame 2017 recipient is Thaddeus Young of Handley

Fathers’ Hall of Fame 2017 recipient is Thaddeus Young of Handley
Induction into the Fathers’ Hall of Fame is an honor the Fatherhood Coalition of Tarrant County gives to area fathers who are present and involved in the lives of their children, responsible, virtuous, and have integrity.
Handley resident Thaddeus Young was nominated by his neighbor Carolyn McCauley, and she was more surprised that his nomination was selected for this honor. Thaddeus received his award on Thursday, September 28.
Every year, the Fatherhood Coalition of Tarrant County provides recognition to fathers who have been selected for induction into the Coalition’s Fathers’ Hall of Fame. After several months of accepting these nominations from all over Tarrant County, a committee consisting of Coalition members reviews all the submissions and selects winners in three categories: Emerging Father, for those who have positively impacted children under 10, Established Father, for those impacting children 10 and older, and Seasoned Father, for those whose parental role extended to adults when they were children.
You were nominated by Carolyn McCauley who believes you deserve to be in the Fathers’ Hall of Fame and you were selected as the winner in the category of Emerging Father! Congratulations!!

Here is the letter she submitted to the Fatherhood Coalition of Tarrant County:
Thaddeus Young has three children: 2 twin girls (4 years old) and one boy (3 years old). He and Vannessa Motley are parents of the children. A more excellent father you will not find. His children adore him.
Mr. Young goes to work at the sanitation Dept. for the City of Ft. Worth and leaves the house at 5:00 a.m. and gets home at 6:30 p.m. – 6 days a week. The minute he comes home and pulls into the driveway the children come running out to greet him-they can’t wait for him to get home! He must be very tired but always spends time playing with his kids in the yard. Although not a man of great financial means he always manages to save enough to pay for the children to have play toys in the yard: slides, swings, a play house, summer time baby pools and children’s battery-operated riding cars. It is obvious to all how much he cares for his children and how much they care for him. The family goes to church and is involved in church and family activities. In the four years that I have known him I have never heard Thaddeus raise his voice to the children yet for their age they are the most well discipled children. Thank you for your time in considering Mr. Young for the Father’s Hall of Fame 2017.
Carolyn Mc Cauley

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