Stop Six Neighborhood Safety Improvements

Stop Six Neighborhood Safety Improvements
A press conference provided updates about Stop Six safety improvements. District 5 Councilwoman Gyna Bivens led the event held Thursday, Sept. 14, 10:30 a.m. at Sweet Home Missionary Baptist Church, 5225 Ramey Ave.
Councilwoman Bivens said “The entire council was surprised when City Manager David Cooke announced this innovative approach to improving neighborhoods. I was especially pleased when announced the pilot for this new project would take place in District 5. I didn’t lobby for the $2.5M that funds the project and council members are not lobbying to be next. There are specific criteria that validate the awarding of this allocation. Cooke looked at high poverty, high crime, scholastic achievement challenges and other areas of concern.”
Stop Six Neighborhood Improvement Strategy
Stop Six has been selected as the first Neighborhood Improvement Strategy target area. A first-of-its-kind project, the pilot program will use funds set aside by City Council to improve neighborhood vitality and give residents paths to self-sufficiency.
Why was Stop Six selected?
With an unemployment rate two-and-a-half times the city average, 78 percent of the population categorized as low-to-moderate income and a crime rate where 65 per 1,000 people are victims of crime, the area needs an aggressive effort to improve neighborhood vitality
The area does have several programs that promise quick, measurable improvements with improved coordination and investment:
Cavile Place Redevelopment
Fort Worth Independent School District Historic Stop Six Initiative
Blue Zones Program Expansion
To help address area needs, $2.56 million was allocated in the city’s 2017 budget to respond. The program will be focused on reducing the number of felony incidents, enhancing pedestrian safety, improving residents’ perception of their community, improve neighborhood aesthetics, and leverage additional public and private investment.

Surveillance cameras being installed as part of Stop Six revitalization program
As the next step in a $2.56 million investment in the Cavile Place/Stop Six community, surveillance cameras are being installed to help improve public safety.
About two dozen mobile surveillance cameras are being installed to help the Fort Worth Police Department keep a 24-7 eye on known hot spots of criminal activity.
About the Stop Six initiative
The targeted area is bordered by Rosedale Street on the north, Ramey Avenue on the south, Stalcup Road on the east and just west of Edgewood Terrace on the west.
The City Council set aside $2.56 million in funding to implement capital projects aimed specifically at improving neighborhoods. This funding may be designated for targeted neighborhoods on an annual basis.
The revitalization has a dual purpose: increase public safety and improve the looks of the neighborhood.
Depending on results, similar revitalization programs will be rolled out in a different neighborhood in the coming years.
View a new video that shows the positive impact this program is having on Stop Six.
This survey is avalabale for Stop Six residnets.

Handley has a meeting scheduled for Thursday, September 21 at Handley United Methodist Church at 6:30pm. see the events page for more information.
“With so much street construction already underway, I want to stress the importance of attending the September 21st meeting. This street work will impact the travel plans of quite a few people who live in the Handley area,” says Councilwoman Gyna Bivens.
Attendees will also get a chance to meet District Director Sandi Breaux. Bivens says Breaux comes to the District office with a wealth of experience. ”She supported the late Councilman Chuck Silcox and former Councilman Zim Zimmerman. We are blessed to have her.”

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