The fight continues against Concrete Plant

The fight continues against Concrete Plant
Thursday, July 13, from 6–8pm
 learn more about the TCEQ permit process when you attend a public meeting at Nolan Catholic High School.
by Linda Fulmer
Alex and I spoke with Sheldon Wayne with the Public Interest Council at TCEQ this morning. The Public Interest Council is supposed to represent the interests of the public in these matters; althouogh, they are not permitted to represent any specific group of individuals.

He said, and this is important, that if people bring written letters, comments, and reports to the meeting on the 13th, and hand them in to the TCEQ clerk who will be there, those will also become part of the public record for this application. This should help anyone in your neighborhood who prefers to use pens and paper over online forms to comment. So, you might want to add that. We know there are many residents in East Fort Worth who prefer to use a pen and paper over typing into an online form.
The only things at this meeting that will become part of the record are written letters on paper — nothing spoken will become part of the official record; however, it will be part of an information exchange.
817-451-8740 817-451-2014 (fax) 
PO Box 8040, Fort Worth, TX 76124

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by Judy Taylor, Handley NA President
Community Informational Meeting with TCEQ
Thursday, July 13, 6 to 8 p.m.
Nolan Catholic High School Auditorium
Please join us for an informational meeting with representatives from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ). They will share information on how the Air Standard Quality Permit application and review is done.
While we are all interested in a specific application currently under review for a concrete crusher on East 1st Street, this session will not be about that application specifically. This is to educate us on what goes into the review of an application, and what TCEQ can consider when conducting the review.
Please note:
1. This is NOT a public hearing, and public comments will not be recorded or submitted. Please do not plan to make any speeches about why you oppose the concrete crusher, as that is not the topic for this meeting.
2. Please bring any questions you have in writing or send in advance to your Neighborhood Association President or by email to . Also, during the presentation, write down any additional questions you have. There will be a table in the hallway for written questions, and runners to take questions to the table during the meeting. The meeting moderators will organize the questions by topic, and submit them to the panel for responses. This way we hope to get more questions answered.
3. Both City and State officials plan to attend this meeting. This is an opportunity to publicly represent East Fort Worth residents as being positive, well informed, and unified. 817-451-8740 817-451-2014 (fax) PO Box 8040, Fort Worth, TX 76124
WE may not be able to be heard yet we can be seen in great numbers saying we care about our community.

What we are fighting, why TCEQ is involved
June 26, 2017 — East First Recycling Company, new name, same old issue except this time the request is to the State of Texas rather than the city of Fort Worth. East First Recycling Company has applied for an Air Quality Standard Permit with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ), seeking to install a permanent heavy industrial concrete crushing plant on Wallace Hall’s property at 5317 East First Street, across the street from Gateway Park, homes and schools.
This is the same property, 5300 – 5700 block E. 1st St., where we, as a region, worked together to avert a zoning change request last year.
The plan is no better this year than it was last year, there are other more compatible uses for the large piece of property.
We are urging all neighbors to go online and submit your comments to TCEQ before the middle of July. This is a date change since Mr Hall failed to post a necessary public notice earlier.
Please keep sending in your comments to TCEQ, there is somewhere around 525 comments to date, I know there more than 500 interested parties in all of EFW and there is nothing that says you can not send another comment once you have filed once.
Stop and think: you likely have a friend or relative living just north of the Trinity River or possibly down stream from where this property sits. By now you have surely thought it through and would like to add to your opposition.
For those of you who are unfamiliar with this issue, the Air Quality Standard Permit comment period is the only opportunity for the public to weigh in on whether or not the permit should be granted.
Thursday, July 13, from 6-8pm you have the opportunity to learn more about the process and be seen by the TCEQ representatives when you attend a public meeting at Nolan Catholic High School.
The permit involves a lengthy written application, and an emissions test produced by the applicant — no third party is involved. TCEQ does not do a site inspection during the permitting process, and once the permit is granted, there is no regular monitoring or inspection of the operation by TCEQ. They will go and inspect when a citizen submits a complaint, but that is the only time.
Because the concrete crushing process produces relatively large and heavy particles, this type of business is not regulated as strongly as the plants that manufacture concrete. It is loud, dusty, dirty, and would bring numerous concrete hauling trucks to the site on a daily basis. If you visit any of the existing concrete crushers around Tarrant County, you will see that there is a lot of debris and road damage adjacent to these operations.
There are several operating in Tarrant County in more remote areas. If you are unsure what this looks like, go and visit one:
Do you want something like that operating next to kids playing baseball and soccer at Gateway Park? Cooks Children Hospital has documentation that there are more cases on childhood asthma here than most any place in the state.
Do you want to hike or ride your bicycle next to this kind of loud, dusty plant? Do you think the East Fort Worth Montessori students need to be exposed to the noise, trucks, dirt, and diesel fumes from this kind of operation? How long has it been since you were stuck in traffic along I30 from downtown to 820? Would you enjoy seeing many more large trucks on our community streets, Oakland Blvd., Beach Street? It will happen!

TELL TCEQ what you think about this plant
Posting a comment is quick and easy, and we have until mid July to submit comments:
1. Go to:
2. list permit number: 146263
3. Add your comments, it can be long and wordy, or short and to the point, or long and factual as to numbers and facts.
Mr Hall’s plan does not fit the City of Fort Worth Master Plan or the Zoning Code for the area.
4. Now that you have submitted an opposition give others the information so they can to post one of their own.
Or file by mail, hand-delivery, or fax:
Please include a TCEQ permit you mail, hand-deliver, or fax comments on a pending permit application. Submit your comments using one of the options below:
Mail to:
Office of the Chief Clerk, MC 105
PO Box 13087
Austin, TX 78711-3087
Courier or hand-deliver to:
Office of the Chief Clerk
12100 Park 35 Circle, Bldg F
Austin, TX 78753

Fax to: 512-239-3311*
*Note: If you fax your filing, you must mail or hand-deliver the original document and the appropriate number of copies to the Office of the Chief Clerk within three business days.

At this point there are more and more agencies and people becoming aware of this issue and many are joining in the opposition, who do you know an engineer, worker aware on environmental quality issues, a lawyer, a State representative, numbers person that enjoys researching facts, these are all people that might want to be of help if they were just aware how important this is to us.
The City of Fort Worth wrote a Resolution against approval – RESOLUTION.pdf
Alice Barr of NBC5 did a story on our “Team Little Guy” fight. View the video here:

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