West Meadowbrook NA City Affairs gets RESULTS on Trashy Retailer

West Meadowbrook NA City Affairs gets RESULTS on Trashy Retailer

Mike Phipps is one of those people you WANT to have as a neighbor. He is always looking out for the City and residents, his neighbors, when it comes to keeping property clean and attractive, and your pets safe & well cared for. As the Chair for the West Meadowbrook Neighborhood Association City Affairs committee,  Mike  has been on a letter writing campaign since last August to get the Fallas grocery store on Lancaster  to clean up its commercial property.
Mike said “One trashy property makes the whole area look bad. We have to keep our houses & yards neat and clean. Businesses should too.”
The first two letters resulted in NO clean up of the store property. Not willing to continue looking at the trash accumulating daily, he followed up with more letters, and calls to Code Compliance. Mike wrote the store managers first, and when they did not resolve the problem, he wrote to the Corporate offices. He finally received a response from the Chief Operations Officer.
Mike told GMN “It’s only taken about a year of letter writing and complaining, but I think we’ll finally get some action on cleaning up this mess.  I guess that’s what it takes – go to the owner of the corporation.  The funny thing is, the “landlord” of that property is the parent company!”  TAD records show the property is owned by National Stores Inc.

A quick search reveals this information on Wikipedia:
“National Stores Inc. does business as: Fallas, Fallas Paredes, Fallas Discount Stores, Factory 2-U, Conway, CW Price, Falas (spelled with single “l” in Puerto Rico) and Anna’s Linen’s by Fallas,[1][2] and offer brand name and private label clothing for men, ladies, boys, girls, juniors, infants and toddlers along with lingerie, shoes and household items.[3] Fallas Paredes caters to the Hispanic American community.[4]”
The corporate website is: http://www.fallasstores.net.

Mike first wrote to the Fallas store manager in August 2016:
Good afternoon Mr. Vecchio,
First let me say thank you for taking my call today. I appreciate your time.  Also I would like to say, do not feel singled out.  Fort Worth District 5 representative Gyna Bivens just held a very well attended meeting for the residents of the eastside who are joining together to address the horrible condition of commercial businesses throughout our neighborhood and the eastside as a whole.
Your property, 4616 E. Lancaster is located in Ms Bivens District, D5.  As I suggested when speaking with you, we want and need good examples so others will follow suit. Will you please be a business that can be used as an example of how to upkeep and maintain your property?  As you can tell in the pictures this is a long term accumulation of trash and debris, not something someone just recently dumped. There are tall grass, weeds and brush growing in the back alley way and along the sides of the building as well as out in the right of way.  Please keep in mind, this is our neighborhood. Lancaster is an older commercial corridor that has fallen against tough situations and it is time it be turned around.  It needs tender care, responsible property owners and business owners / managers.  Can we please get a commitment from you and the company you represent to put your best foot forward and treat this property as if it were in your backyard? Keep in mind, your paycheck is at least partially funded off by residents of our neighborhood. I would expect to receive better care and maintenance of your store in return.
Thank you very much.
Mike Phipps, West Meadowbrook Neighborhood Assoc., City Affairs Chair

Not getting a satisfactory response, Mike wrote to the next store manager at Fallas in March 7, 2017:
Good evening Ms. Wiegref,
My name is Mike Phipps, I have addressed concerns pertaining to this store since it has opened.  I presented the previous manager, Mr. Vecchio back in August 2016.  The first seven pictures that are attached to this email are of the trash that was present back then, the last five are of recent.  I have many more.  We were glad when we heard that Fallas was moving into the old Carnival property after they had moved out.  The excitement was short lived.  It was almost immediate that we begun seeing the decline in property management.  Trash cans always full and overflowing, the parking lot and sidewalks in front of the store never cleaned up of the litter.  The property for over a year has not ever been clean of trash and debris.  There are trees beginning to grow up all along the sides of the building that also hold all the trash that blows around.  I am asking, can you please see that this property is cleaned up and cleaned up on a daily basis.
Thanks you for your time,
Mike Phipps, West Meadowbrook Neighborhood Assoc., City Affairs Chair

After waiting a week, Mike sent the 2 letters above to the Corporate offices. On March 19, Mike received a response from the Corporate Offices of Fallas:
Good evening Mr. Phipps,
My name is Craig Levra, I work for Mr. Fallas and National Stores, Inc., as the COO.  I just left you a voice mail apologizing for the condition of this store.  It is unacceptable, and clearly not how we do business.  Our Facilities team is on it, we will not wait for the landlord but correct it ourselves immediately.   Please feel free to reach out to me any time you have a concern.
Thank you for letting us know about the situation.  We want your business and we will work hard to earn it.
Craig Levra, National Stores, Inc. / Fallas

West Meadowbrook Neighborhood Association is one of the largest Associations on the Eastside, and remains a leader for citizen activism to improve the quality of life for East Fort Worth residents.

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