Weather Alert Systems for Safety

Siren system provides warnings when you’re outdoors
The outdoor warning system may be activated for any kind of emergency, not just severe weather.
Fort Worth’s Office of Emergency Management conducts weekly tests of the outdoor warning system sirens at 1 p.m. every Wednesday, weather conditions allowing.
If conditions are favorable for severe weather on a test day, the siren test will not be conducted.
The Fort Worth outdoor warning system consists of 153 sirens strategically located throughout the city. Sirens are designed to serve as a warning for people outside of their business or residence. If you hear the sirens sound, seek sturdy shelter immediately. Make your way to an interior room, away from windows and exterior walls, and turn on a radio or television to a local station for more information.
Warning information is also available through NOAA weather radio. Sign up for free Nixle text and email messages.

Three great companions to have during storm season
North Central Texas thunderstorms can be intimidating, no matter how long you’ve lived here. The storms can strike with lightning, heavy rainfall, strong winds, hail and tornados, all of which can cause injury and large amounts of personal property damage.
Stay a step ahead of the storms by receiving advance alerts that provide time to find shelter and prepare. The Fort Worth Office of Emergency Management recommends all residents have access to these three emergency alert systems:

NOAA All-Hazards Weather Radio
This AM/FM radio receives broadcasts directly from the National Weather Service. It should be your first warning of severe weather conditions, including tornado and flash flood watches and warnings. NOAA radios can be found online and at local retailers.
Fort Worth residents who want to receive only warnings for their specific county should purchase a radio with S.A.M.E. technology and use these codes to program it:
Tarrant County 048439
Denton County 048121
Wise County 048497
Parker County 048367
Johnson County 048251

Nixle Emergency Text Alerts
Alerts sent directly from the Office of Emergency Management advise residents to seek shelter and information about current severe weather events or a manmade hazard. Alerts are received via text on your cell phone or via email. Residents can register their cell phone by texting their selected ZIP code to 888777. Residents wishing to register multiple ZIP codes, such as work, home and school, or to receive email alerts, should register online.

CASA Weather Radar
This short-range weather radar system is in multiple locations around the DFW Metroplex. Residents receive alerts and monitor the storm’s radar images by downloading the free CASA Alert app from the Apple App Store.