Remembering Tony Blauvelt, quiet super man

Tony greeting EFWBA guests at the Fall Spirit Night at Mexican Inn.

Remembering Tony Blauvelt 1939 – 2019
The Heart of the Eastside, Tony Blauvelt, passed away suddenly Sunday, January 6, 2019. He was just a few weeks away from his 80th birthday on February 23.
Tony graduated from University of Texas with a bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Engineering. Tony also attended post graduate studies at M.I.T.
After graduating college, he worked in Las Vegas for several years and enjoyed his frequent visits each year to play blackjack. He always claimed he never lost money in LV and had a system that was foolproof. He always joked that he could eat anything he wanted, whenever he wanted, and would never gain a pound.
Tony married the love of his life, Janelle, on November 13, 1974. They were together for 37 years when she died in 2011. Tony retired from his successful Edward Jones Financial Advisor position several years ago, leaving the company in the excellent hands of his business partner & nephew, Charlie Blauvelt.
Tony was always heavily involved in service organizatons that he was a member of. In his retirement,Tony traveled and became even more involved in the various service organizations here on the Eastside: Handley Meadowbrook Lions Club, East Fort Worth Business Association, Breakfast Optimists Club, Sunshine Rotary Club, and his beloved church, Fielder Road Baptist Church. (And probably a few more I dont know about!)
Tony, a past-president and active board member, was “THE MAN” at the Handley-Meadowbrook Lions Club for getting the most number of disabled children to attend the week long Lion’s Camp in Kerrville, Texas. His efforts has made the HM Lions Club Number One in the State for children sponsored, no small feat in a state this size. He helped conduct the weekly meetings at the Lions Club. Tony was chief cheerleader for the annual Lion’s club Chili Supper and Community Auction.
Tony was very active in the East Fort Worth Business Association. He was a Past-President of the club, and at every meeting, he personally greeted every guest with his big smile and firm handshake, and newcomers were instantly friends.
He sponsored a table for 8 every year at the EFWBA Outstanding Awards & Scholarship Banquet, and was a Major Sponsor in the club’s activities to enhance Education on the Eastside, for Scholarships and school library books.
Tony was a past-president of the Breakfast Optimist Club of East Fort Worth and regularly attended the group’s weekly 7 a.m. breakfast meetings at Dixie House Cafe. He actively participated in all the Club’s activities, including the patriotic flag distribution program on five flag holidays each year.
Tony joined the Breakfast Optimist club of East Fort Worth in early 2013 after attending a breakfast to promote the Local Lions Club Pancake breakfast. He served the club as President in the 2014-2015 year and sponsored 18 members in these past 5 years. He wasn’t afraid to ask…and with that smile – hard to turn down! He was successful at showing how multi-organizations can work together for a greater cause of serving kids. There was never a cause – no matter how small or large- that he didn’t embrace and contribute to. Tony will be missed by his Optimist family!
The Arlington Sunrise Rotary Club, meets every Friday at 6:45am and Tony was there to work.
Pastor Jerry Morris at Fielder Road Baptist Church, who will be conducting the funeral service, said “Tony was a faithful servant, there every Sunday to welcome visitors and members, and he was always smiling.” Tony was an original founding member of the Fielder Road Baptist Church of Arlington, along with his mother, Jerry Blauvelt. Tony was an active member of his Seniors Sunday School group and he started a breakfast club for men that met at the Rise & Shine Diner at 6:30am the first Sunday of every month.
You look at this brief summary of his life, and you wonder, when did he sleep?
Tony had a true Servant’s heart and will be dearly missed in all the organizations he was a member of, as he touched so many lives for the better.
Our deepest condolences to his family and business family.
He was preceded in death by his father, Bob Blauvelt; mother, Jerry Blauvelt; and wife of 37 years, Janelle Blauvelt.
SURVIVORS: Those left to cherish his memories are his son, Mark Herreth; brothers, Brad and Sandy Blauvelt; sisters-in-law, Vikki Blauvelt and Susie Blauvelt; nephews, Charlie Blauvelt, and Rodney Blauvelt; nieces, Summer Blauvelt, Karen Blauvelt, Deanna Blauvelt, and Nauree Blauvelt; and many more family siblings.
(Monday) Tony’s funeral was well attended by members of many Lion’s Clubs, the Optimists, East Fort Worth Business Association as well as clients, friends and chuch members.
He has left a huge hole that will take multiple people to step up to do all the many things that Tony did…and he will be dearly missed by all of us.