Handley Stomped Out Litter!

Cleaning Up Handley

by Marti Lawrence

Handley resident Carrie Howell and Handley Neighborhood Association President, Judy Taylor, along with Neighborhood Police Officer James Salinas met Handley residents at the Handley Railroad Museum and Caboose bright and early on Saturday, October 17 to beautify their community. This citywide volunteer litter cleanup hosted by Keep Fort Worth Beautiful brought City Councilwoman Gyna Bivens out to Handley to show her support and join in the festivities.

Big thanks to the volunteers that came out to make a difference in our neighborhood.

Paul Kerpoe, James & Marti Lawrence, Doug Horn, Ashleigh Buckman,Christian Sanders,Tristian Sanders, Julian Thunderhawk, and Mandy Valdz.

There were plenty of delicious donuts, cookies and hand-squeezed lemonade for everyone. 17 bags of trash were collected and about seven miles of roadway was cleaned in Handley.