Fort Worth Young Women’s Leadership Academy hosts Congressman Marc Veasey and Speaker Nancy Pelosi

YWLA principal Tamara Albury, HOUSE SPEAKER NANCY PELOSI, Representative Marc Veasey

Fort Worth Young Women’s Leadership Academy hosts Congressman Marc Veasey and Speaker Nancy Pelosi
March 4, 2019—Fort Worth, TX– On Monday, March 4th, the Young Women’s Leadership Academy in Fort Worth, welcomed Congressman Marc Veasey (TX-33) and Speaker Nancy Pelosi to to take part in a discussion led by YWLA principal Tamara Albury, to highlight the school’s success in inspiring and nurturing young diverse female leaders within the community.

Diana and Angelica Canchola of the Dork Side Robotics Team

With a focus on empowering young women in math, science, and technology, the FWISD school prepares young women with the academic and leadership skills they need to distinguish themselves as they aim to pursue higher education and careers in STEM fields. March starts Women’s History Month.
Prior to the presentation to the whole school, there was a private reception where Veasey and Pelosi met with Diana and Angelica Canchola of the robotics team, called The Dork Side. This team has multiple trophies on display for competitons they have entered and won, and are now headed to the international competitions.

In her remarks to the students and staff, Pelosi stated she wants to see more young women in STEM subjects, succeeding in careers that previously were only occupied by men. She congratulated the faculty and staff on the 100% graduation rate,, and team The Dork Side for the competions they have already won, and wished them success on this next level of robotics competition.
Speaker Pelosi spoke to the young women in her ‘grandmother’ voice, sharing the wisdom of her experiences in life and politics to encourage these young women to find their educational passion and persue it to a successful career.
She spoke of her family, being the youngest child of the family, and the only girl. She told how her Mom, and Dad Thomas D’Alesandro Jr., who served as Mayor of Baltimore, MD, for 12 years, after he had served five terms in Congress, set the example of community service and leadership.
One of the major highlights of her teenage years was when she got to meet future President John F. Kennedy at a formal dinner, and she has that photo in her office. These examples of public service led her to run for congress in 2007.
She spoke of raising her own family of 5 children, now grown, and her grandchildren, who are the same ages as the students.
She told the young women that when she started in Congress in 1987, there were only 25 women in the House. This new congress has over 100 women elected to represent their communities, and all of them are on a mission to get more women elected to congress and other key leadership positions within the government.

“Know your power, that you’re the only person like you in the world, and you have a unique contribution to make that is very special.”

Pelosi stressed that being prepared, and knowing your subject is key to advancement in a male-dominated world. “Know your power, that you’re the only person like you in the world, and you have a unique contribution to make that is very special.”
When asked how she faces critics, she replied “Competence builds confidence.”
Pelosi’s spunkiness was evident when she told of her first time to run for Speaker of the House in 2007, after 20 years in office, and how the men asked each other “Who said she could run?” Her response to them was “Oh really?”
She ran for Speaker and was elected as the first female Speaker of the House, for 2 terms. She admitted that “this time around was a bit different”, but she was elected to be Speaker for a third term.
Students asked questions after her presentation. She was asked: “What do you want your legacy to be?” Pelosi answered “I want my legacy to be the education of girls and women worldwide. I want to see women at every level of business and government, including President.”

Another student asked “What is your theme song?” She admitted it was showing her age, but she really like U2’s “One”.
Marc Veasey said that he liked “One” by Metallica, and Pelosi laughed and said “I know them, too, they are from my district.”
Pelosi concluded her remarks by congratulating the school staff on their many achievements and telling the students “you add luster to each other.”
Pelosi met with members of the press for questions and their videos are on their news websites.
Shout out to the FWPD! The Fort Worth Police were in charge of security this morning. At least 20 officers in uniform and a lot more plain clothes officers, including 3 K-9 officers were on duty protecting the school building.

The dogs inspected all the photographers equipment bags prior to being admitted to the room. Even the dogs were excited and happy to be there for the Congressman and Speaker Pelosi.
Photos were posted on the GMN Facebook page, and tagged so that Marc Veasey and Speaker Pelosi and all the FWISD can see them.