Emergency Management Office provides warnings for those who cannot hear sirens

Emergency Management Office provides warnings for those who cannot hear sirens
– Accessible Hazard Alert System

Fort Worth’s Office of Emergency Management provides advance warning of potential disasters such as severe weather events, a manmade hazard or even an act of terrorism.
Emergency Management duty officers recommend all Fort Worth residents have access to a NOAA all-hazards weather radio, but there are other methods used to communicate alerts, such as activating the outdoor warning sirens, sending emergency text alerts, social media and the Accessible Hazard Alert System, known as AHAS.
AHAS is designed for Fort Worth residents who are deaf, hard of hearing, blind or deaf/blind. Deaflink, a communications company specializing in American Sign Language, receives alerts directly from the National Weather Service and the Office of Emergency Management, then creates and retransmits a visual alert using American Sign Language, English and Spanish captioning, English voice and refreshable Braille.
These special alerts warn members of the community who cannot hear sirens or read alerts streaming across the bottom of a television screen.
AHAS alerts are free to Fort Worth residents and those with functional needs who are employed in the Fort Worth city limits. Alerts are transmitted using Fort Worth ZIP codes and are not available outside the city limits.
Participants need a portable visual-capable device such as a smart phone or iPad to receive the alerts. Alerts are also available through internet email services. Blind residents will need a refreshable Braille reader to receive the alerts using Braille.
To register, visit Fort Worth AHAS online or call the Office of Emergency Management at 817-392-7440.