Edward Jones Maintains Traditional Values

Edward Jones Maintains Traditional Values
In an age of voice mail and email, mobile phones and computerized banking, things change so fast that tradition is being lost in the jet wash of a jet-set society. However, traditional values literally define Edward Jones, a nontraditional company that embraces new technology while still making house calls.
This full-services brokerage firm has one priority that has never changed since the firm began more than 90 years ago: service to individual investors when and where it is convenient for them. To accomplish this, Edward Jones has focused on building a network of one-broker branches that are conveniently located for individuals. It doesn’t matter whether those individuals live in the rural heartland or in the suburb of a sprawling metropolis, Edward Jones is there.
In fact, Edward Jones has more branch-office locations than any other brokerage in North America. Its branch-office concept was conceived by Edward D. “Ted” Jones Jr., son of the firm’s founder.
Despite its rapid growth from 304 branch offices in 1980 to more than 12,000 throughout the United States and Canada today, Edward Jones remains committed to its traditional values.
“Ted Jones thought investors should be served by someone who lives and works in their community,” said Jim Weddle, the firm’s managing partner. “He believed, and we still believe, that personal service means being available for clients, even if it means going to their homes or businesses.”
That’s why Micehlle Willingham, an Edward Jones financial advisor in Fort Worth, maintains an office on Parkview Dr.
That’s also why Michelle Willingham will stress long-term and diversified investments. “I meet with clients face to face and emphasize the importance of choosing quality investments that have the potential to perform well over time. At Edward Jones, we prefer a long-term approach to investing,” she said.
“The decisions clients make when they meet with me will affect their financial futures. They are big decisions that deserve undivided, personal attention,” she added.