Construction Trash in Eastern Hills

(Monday, Jan.14) Cary Moon, Councilman District 4, responded to the photos of the construction sites published here and on Facebook. I received a personal call at home 8:30 on Friday night from Alicia Ortiz. (She was working LATE!) We discussed the situation and here is City information on the construction projects sent by Alicia:
Per our discussion, below is the list of current CoFW projects in the area. A map of the project locations is attached along with the contract schedules. In addition, please find the pictures taken today from the project site at Rockhill & Blueridge.
Canton Dr. (Monterrey Dr. to Yosemite Dr.) 
– 2014 CIP Year 3, Contract 7 – Water, Sanitary Sewer, Storm Drainage, Paving Improvements & Culvert Improvement
Jacqueline Road (Weiler Blvd. to Jacqueline Ct.) 

  • 2014 CIP Year 3, Contract 7 – Water, Sanitary Sewer, Storm Drainage, Paving Improvements & Culvert Improvements Meadowbrook Dr. (Sandy Lane to Escalante Ave.)
  • 2014 CIP Year 3, Contract 7 – Water, Sanitary Sewer, Storm drainage, Paving Improvements & Culvert Improvements Monterrey Dr. (Dancinger Dr. to Oak Hill Rd.)
  • 2014 CIP Year 3, Contract 7 – Water, Sanitary Sewer, Storm drainage, Paving Improvements & Culvert Improvements Rockhill Rd. (Blueridge Dr. to Oak Hill Rd.)
  • 2014 CIP Year 3, Contract 7 – Water, Sanitary Sewer, Storm drainage, Paving Improvements & Culvert Improvements
    Canterbury Circle / Brentwood
  • Water Department Emergency – work order 18-85214 – asphalt repairs are scheduled for Monday, January 14th weather permitting. The project should take approximately 3 days to complete.”
  • As always, please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.
    Respectfully, Alicia Ortiz, District Director – District 4, Councilmember Cary Moon.
    These photos (below) were taken Saturday showing the work sites have been cleaned up better.

Maps of Construction sites
CPN 02695 PDF
Contract Schedule PDF
District 4 map

(Published Friday, Jan. 11) — Residents of the Eastern Hills Neighbhood, along Oak Hill and the connecting streets, are supposed to be getting water lines, gas lines, sewer and storm drain improvements.
Like a lot of other construction jobs on this side of town, something is started, is left half-done, and then sits for weeks or months before the project is completed.
Homeowners want to know: why is big equipment just left sitting on the streets? Isn’t that piece of heavy industrial road equipment needed somewhere else in the city? Does the City OWN this equipment or is it leased? How much tax payer money is wasted paying lease fees on a vehicle that is just sitting doing nothing? WHY is this allowed to happen?
These tractors are a big attraction to small boys who want to play with big trucks. No one is on site to lock these rigs and kids have been seen playing on them.
Most of the streets in Eastern Hills do NOT have sidewalks, and locals are out walking their dogs in the evening, carefully dodging the construction cones and road hazzards left ihn the roadway where they walk.
Look at this photo. Is this orange fence really securing the site and preventing a person from falling in this hole? Does this look safe to you?

Look at the TRASH left in front of this home in the photo below. It has been left there for longer than 4 weeks, and not one construction worker or city worker has come by to pick up and dispose of this mess. Would you want to look at this every time you open the front door? Me either.

Around the corner in Brentwood Oak Hills neighborhood, the new water main ruptured on Brentwood Drive at Canterbury on December 12th — now a month ago. The home owner on the corner reported that the water department took over 2 hours to respond, and only came out after they called 911 a second time, as the water was getting very close to their door and risked flooding their house.
They came out, the water was off overnight, and Repair Crews were out all night digging and patching, but left a half-done blob of asphalt to cover this big hole. The warning signs are still on the side of the street.

Brentwood Drive residents want answers, too.
Why did a new, 2-year-old water pipe break, on a night when there was no rain or freezing temperatures?
Was it ground shifting? Was it product failure? Improper installation? What happened to make it break?
Why wasn’t the site ground properly prepared?
Where does the City get the blue PVC pipe from?
What kind of safety checks are done on the products?
Why are the manhole covers made in India?
How much did that cost to ship those heavy cast bronze plates from India to Texas?
WHY is this repair job only half done?
Why the delay in completing these projects?
The longer this one job goes unfinished, the more road damage is done, increasing the cost and the size of the damaged area needing repair, not to mention the beating our cars get driving down our street.
Monday Jan 14: Work Crews are on site at this water repair project and it is expected to take 3 days to complete. see above information.

This is the response from Cary Moon’s office:

“I apologize for the delay. It has taken some time to gather information about the projects in the area. At this time, there are only two city projects; water and field ops. The managers have been advised of the complaints and are making certain their project areas are tidy. It seems that there may be other private projects not related to the city. We have been trying to get more information, but there has not been any feedback at this time.
Please find the following information for your inclusion:
Water: Per the dig test tickets there is work being done by the City of Fort Worth Water Department that began on Rockhill Rd. on December 10, 2018 and was expected to last approximately 60 days.
I’ve spoken with a supervisor from work being done at Rockhill and Oak Hil reference 2014 CIP Year 3 Contract 7 CPN 02695. He states this location is his active site and his crews have worked every day that did not include bad weather or holiday time off. He states his crew has just completed temporary water on Rockhill and the 2” pipes are left over from that set up. He has assured me he will have them removed from the site ASAP. He states he cannot remove the barricades as they are for everyone’s safety and the only other thing on site is construction materials, which he will make sure is tidy, that are being used daily.
Field Ops: The only job that Field Operations has in this e-mail would be the job @ Brentwood Dr & Canterbury Circle. The work order is 18-85214 1529 Canterbury Circle. It is a large repair that needs to be done and we are waiting on materials (asphalt). At this time we are having to wait until after New Year’s for the asphalt plant to reopen, and then it will depend on temperatures as to when we can get the amount of asphalt needed out to the job site to finish the repair. All of the other photos showing the Oak Hill Dr areas are jobs being done by a contractor.
The contractor projects must be private. They are not the Fort Water Department Field Operations jobs. The only job that Field Operations has would be the job @ Brentwood Drive & Canterbury Circle.
We are still requesting more information, but it is taking time. I did not want to wait any further to respond. We will keep you updated as we receive more information.”

Who in Eastern Hills has the money to hire a PRIVATE contractor to do street and utility repairs?
Home owners would like their city council rep to come see the mess for himself and meet with them regarding the lack of timely construction projects, and the mess these guys leave behind for the final touchup crew to deal with.