TXDOT Maps and Meetings

(All this information may no longer be valid after TXDOT revises the plans based on  the complaints and comments received after the Public Meeting.)

Published Friday, July 20—TxDOT is conducting a study to update the preliminary design and environmental assessment for proposed improvements for the interchange at I-820, I-20 and US 287 called the Southeast Connector. The ultimate project is estimated at more than $1 billion. The study limits of the project are:
I-20 from Forest Hill Drive to Park Springs Boulevard
I-820 from I-20 to Brentwood Stair Road
US 287 from Bishop Street to Sublett Road
The study goals and objectives are to improve mobility and safety and provide transportation options for travelers through the area. Proposed improvements to be evaluated through the study will include additional main lanes, bi-directional or reversible barrier separated express or managed lanes, entrance and exit ramp adjustments, frontage road intersection improvements, and bicycle and pedestrian accommodations.
Public meetings and a public hearing will be conducted to collect input on the project. Information collected during the public meetings and hearing will be used to develop safe transportation solutions that minimize impacts to the community.
TXDOT held its informational, come and go meeting at Dunbar High School on Thursday, July 19, 2018. For the hour I was there, I counted over 100 neighbors talking to TXDOT engineers and representatives. Huge maps and a large multi-table “flyover map” provided visuals for citizens to view and ask questions. A LOT of questions were being asked.
For anyone who uses the Brentwood Stair entrance ramp to get on South 820: the plan ELIMINATES the Brentwood Stair 820 entrance ramp AND the Meadowbrook entrance ramp by Taco Bell.
A new southbound 820 entrance ramp will be located closer to Greenlee street, about where the pedestrian bridge is now.
The map has all the Brentwood Stair south traffic going south on the service road to the Meadowbrook intersection and light, and entering southbound 820 at the NEW entrance by by GREENLEE street.
With the current light signal timing, that could be up to 5 minutes waiting at the light, blocking the entrance to the apartment complex. NO Brentwood Stair entrance ramp will prevent Medstar Ambulances or other emergency vehicles from entering the freewayeasily. the Ambulance will get caught in the backup at meadowbrook, and will have to navigate the service road traffic for over a mile to enter 820. the adccident map shows we have a LOT of accidents in this part of 820.


For Meadowbrook area: Northbound 820 Meadowbrook entrance is ELIMINATED. Traffic will enter 820 north of Brentwood Stair where the current ramp is located.
I informed the engineer that eliminating that Meadowbrook on-ramp will make it impossible to get on 820 at Meadowbrook to take the flyovers to East or West I-30. His response was drivers wanting to enter I-30 will have to turn left on Brentwood Stair and right on Bridgewood (at the Whataburger) to use the 1-30 ramps on Bridgewood.
The walking bridge that leads to the Handley-Meadowbrook Community Center will also be ELIMINATED. An engineer told me it is because “no one uses it.” I asked how that information was measured, he did not know.
Craig Street will remain over 820. Current drawings show it being made wider. It “could” be designed to have a bike path and sidewalks for easier access to the rec center area, but there would have to be public demand for that to be included.
Further down the road, where 820 and 287 join, the plan show widening of 820 to 3 or 4 lanes plus a 2 lane service road. Additional fly over ramps are created to make entering the combined road “easier”.
From southbound 287, the exit to Sun Valley will be at the Village Creek exit before the two roads join, and traffic will use the service road to get to Sun Valley. The current 820 Sun Valley exit will be eliminated.
According to the handout, TXDOT collected data and did studies from 2017 to 2018.
Spring of 2018 was the Multi-Modal Alternative Solution Exploration and Analyses.
July 19 was the meeting at Dunbar. The dealine for comments was August 3. The official comment period is closed, but you can still write.