July: Trees & Concrete plant

Running With Wanda  July 2018


I don’t know about everyone else but I feel like stopping all the clocks.

We need a respite from how fast our time is slipping away. Just yesterday we celebrated a new year and already half of it is gone. Where in the world did it go?

Several issues have shown up on the radar of late. First we lost acres of old growth forest to an uncaring developer. Instead of the stiff fine he should have paid, he got exactly what he wanted…a cleared lot. We have been told that he will plant more trees than he took down. Who counted? Who will oversee what trees are planted and where, and if they will be cared for properly? You can’t just stick a twig in the ground and get a  hundred year old tree.

East Fort Worth citizens complained in time to stop part of the carnage, but no intervention happened until the dirty deed was done. East Fort Worth citizens were the instigators of the tree ordinance years ago because of just this same misbehavior. Has nothing changed?

One other major issue we have to deal with is the concrete crushing operation which could happen on East 1st Street. We, as a unified community, were able to turn this away , but now it’s back. Wallace Hall went to TCEQ to get his OK from that organization first. His next step will be to file another re-zoning application. In the meantime a Temporary Special Use category is being proposed by city staff so that problem properties can be utilized for unacceptable operations for a period of time and then developed as they should be. Who would police the operation during the temporary use time? What would be the penalty for abusing the rules during operation and once the use is permitted how would the time line be enforced?  I was told that there are stiff fines in the new category for rule breakers. When have we ever collected fines? We have a recent example of how well that works. I could give you several more examples of fines levied and never collected by the city. Mike Phipps can give you even more than I can.

I’m off to the dentist this afternoon to make a final decision on all the tooth work I told you I’m contemplating. I’ve finally decided that I’m tough enough to face the discomfort. Took a lot of thinking.