Lost Dog from Handley found in North Fort Worth – 25 miles from home!

Long Lost Dog was FOUND!
This story started in late January. A resident of Handley, Joyce, had part of her fence come loose, and her dog T-Bo got out. She immediately started checking with the North Texas Humane Society and City Animal Control Shelters for her beloved dog. She and her son checked at the shelters every morning and every evening. Nothing. He had NOT been seen or picked up.
February 1, she came to the KwikKopy and had 100 LOST DOG posters made with his photo. A month goes by, then two. Still nothing. NO sightings in the area.
Joyce came in the to KwikKopy on Monday, April 15, and told us she still had not found her dog, but had this ‘feeling’ he was alive and someone had him.
On Wednesday, April17, someone spotted a dog walking in the rain, snapped a pic and posted it on Facebook and lost dogs websites. Our wonderful dog angel Resce friend Kristil Hendricks, saw the photos and shared it on Facebook.
The second I saw this photo, I said, “that sure looks like Joyce’s dog T-bo”. So I called her and sent her the photo.
Joyce called me back crying “That’s my dog! That’s my dog! Where is he?!”
He was spotted walking the neighborhoods of NORTH FORT WORTH, off Heritage Trace Parkway!! According to Google Maps, that is 20 miles north of I-30, all the way up Beach Street. He was more than 25 miles from home!
Once his identity was confirmed Thursday afternoon, the neighbors on that street started putting food on their porches so he would come and eat. He favored one house, and Joyce and Kristil went there Friday night to leave some clothes with her scent on them. Kristil left a big dog trap to catch him, but it was a size too small and he managed to back out and get away. They tried again with a bigger trap on Saturday night, but he would not go inside it to eat the hot dogs.
On Easter Sunday, Joyce & Kristil were back out in north Fort Worth, and were setting up the bigger trap. They were still on the lady’s front porch talking, when Kristil saw a dog walking up the sidewalk. Joyce called his name and he came a running to her, excited to find his mom. They got a leash on him, got him into Joyce’s car and got him home.
T-bo has lost a lot of weight, Joyce could feel his ribs. His fur is matted and full of sticker-burrs. She has taken him to the Vet to get checked out, and made sure her fence is secure, and the dog door is locked shut.
This Reunion/Rescue is testament to a social media posting, dedicated dog rescuer ANGEL: Kristil L Hendricks, her traps, and the caring lady in NFW who took the pic and posted it.
Happy reunion. Glad I could help.
And this is why we constantly PREACH at all dog owners to get good dog tags and get them microchips!

T-Bo at home
T-bo was spotted by a good hearted woman on Heritage Trace Parkway, soaked from the rains.