FWISD Trustees Pass Racial Equity Resolution

The Fort Worth ISD Board of Education approved a resolution Tuesday night to support and protect racial equity conversations District-wide. The measure passed unanimously.
The resolution is intended to prevent silencing, retaliating against, or marginalizing any parents or community members who are engaged in racial equity conversations.
The resolution aligns with the District’s goal to prepare all students for success in college, career and community leadership.
WHEREAS, the Fort Worth Independent School District Board of Education’s core beliefs include:
(1) Public education requires the active participation of parents and the community to obtain and maintain excellence; and
(2) The Fort Worth Independent School District community acknowledges, respects and appreciates diversity;
WHEREAS, the Fort Worth Independent School District, like many urban public school districts, is an institution that was not designed to elevate the voices of parents of color; and
WHEREAS, as the leaders of this organization, today it is our responsibility as the Board of Education to address structures within this system that support the marginalization of any parent or student;
NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Fort Worth Independent School District will address any attempt by anyone working within our District to silence, retaliate against, or delegitimize the experience of parents and community members who are engaged in racial equity conversations as seriously as any other form of harassment.

APPROVED on the 23rd day of April, 2019 by the Fort Worth ISD Board of Trustees.


Fort Worth, Texas – The Fort Worth Independent School District (FWISD) Board of Education has voted to contract with Sodexo MAGIC to provide child nutrition services for all of the District’s students for the 2019-2020 school year, and possibly beyond.
The contract provides that all current FWISD nutrition service workers will remain as District employees for as long as each individual chooses. Future job applicants will have the opportunity to become a Fort Worth ISD employee.
The District believes that allowing a TDA approved Food Service Management Company to contractually administer the school lunch program for the District’s students will increase food quality and meal participation.
The duration of the contract is one year and may have the option for renewal, not to exceed four one-year renewals. Ultimately, the contract is contingent upon review and approval by the Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA).
Superintendent Kent. P. Scribner has previously stated that the District needs to concentrate its efforts in the classroom.
“It is my firm belief that the Fort Worth ISD needs to get out of the food service business so we can double-down on the business of educating children,” he said at a recent Board meeting.
Four organizations responded to the Request For Proposal. In alphabetical order they are:

  1. Aramark
  2. Chartwells
  3. SFE
  4. Sodexo MAGIC
    A panel comprised of FWISD employees reviewed RFP proposals from each vendor and considered stakeholder feedback. Each employee conducted an independently “graded” review of each vendor based on the preset criteria that was included in the RFP and required by TDA.

Fort Worth, Texas – The Fort Worth ISD Board of Education voted to name the District’s newest elementary school Overton Park Elementary which is currently scheduled to open in August 2020. This new school will address overcrowding at the existing nearby Tanglewood Elementary campus.
Funding for the new campus will be provided by the Capital Improvement Program (CIP) approved by District voters in November, 2017. The CIP provides just over $750 million for improvement projects across the District. Additional information regarding the newly-named Overton Park Elementary can be found on the District website.
Superintendent Kent P. Scribner spent several months working with the Tanglewood community examining available options for dealing with overcrowding at Tanglewood Elementary. In June of 2017 he recommended to the Board of Education that the District undertake the building of a new K-5 school in the Tanglewood attendance zone, while continuing much-needed improvements to the current Tanglewood school.
The naming of the new school was conducted in accordance with Board Policy CW(LOCAL) “New Facilities” which identifies the final decision in naming or renaming schools and other facilities within the District as a responsibility for the Board.
Although the City of Fort Worth has yet to assign a formal address to the new school it will be located at the corner of Kings Ridge and Briarhaven Road.
Groundbreaking will take place on June 6 at 10 a.m.