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Photos by Lloyd Jones

Early Voting Has Started

Tarrant County Elections Required Identification for Voting in Person      

In 2011, the Texas Legislature passed Senate Bill 14 (SB 14) creating a new requirement for voters to show photo identification when voting in person. While pending review within the judicial system, the U.S. Supreme Court issued its opinion in Shelby County v. Holder, which effectively ended all pending litigation. As a result, effective immediately, voters are now required to present an approved form of photo identification in order to vote in all Texas Elections. 

Following is a list of the acceptable forms of photo ID:

  • Texas driver license issued by the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS)

  • Texas Election Identification Certificate issued by DPS Election Identification Certificate Locations in Tarrant County Texas personal identification card issued by DPS

  • Texas concealed handgun license issued by DPS

  • United States military identification card containing the person’s photograph

  • United States citizenship certificate or naturalization certificate containing the person’s photograph

  • United States passport

The identification provided for voting must be current or have expired no more than 60 days before being presented for voter qualification at the polling place.  Some types of acceptable identification have no expiration date.

Procedures for Voting

When a voter arrives at the polling place, the voter will be asked to present one of the seven (7) acceptable forms of photo ID (see list above).  If the voter presents an acceptable form of identification, the election worker will compare it to list of registered voters.  If the name on the ID matches the name on the list of registered voters or is “substantially similar,” and the voter is otherwise qualified to vote, the voter will be provided a regular ballot.

While you must have an acceptable form of photo ID to vote in person, it is okay if the name on your ID and voter registration are not exactly the same.  Poll workers are trained to account for names that are substantially similar but not an exact match due to a number of circumstances including the use of nicknames, initials, suffixes, and changes of name due to marriage or divorce.

If a voter does not have proper identification, the voter will be permitted to cast a provisional ballot at the polling place. The voter will then have six (6) days following Election Day to present proper identification in-person at the Elections Department, or the voter’s ballot will be rejected.

Complete details and additional links at:

Click HERE for a complete list of Early Voting Locations.


  • October (octubre) 20–24 Monday–Friday (Lunes–Viernes) 8:00a.m.–5:00p.m.

  • October (octubre) 25 Saturday (Sábado) 7:00a.m.–7:00p.m.

  • October (octubre) 26 Sunday (Domingo) 11:00a.m.–4:00p.m.

  • October (octubre) 27–31 Monday–Friday (Lunes–Viernes) 7:00a.m.–7:00p.m.

For our Greater Meadowbrook News area, early voting is now open at the Handley‐Meadowbrook Community Center, 6201Beaty Street, Fort Worth 76112.  GO VOTE!

Extra yard waste accepted following storms

Posted Oct. 3, 2014 – The city is making collection of tree and yard debris a priority following the damage caused by the Oct. 2 storm. For the next three weeks, the city will not charge for, or write Code Violation tickets, for the piles of large tree debris piles that were the result of the storms.

Storm debris includes downed tree limbs and extra yard waste, and should be placed curbside for pick up on residents' normal collection days/bulk collection week. Crews need smaller piles for faster pickup.

For residents with debris piles larger than 10 cubic yards (roughly the size of a Volkswagen Bug), notify the call center at 817-392-1234 to report the large pile. This will allow the city to better understand collection needs and assign additional equipment if needed.

If you can haul it yourself, the bulky trash center at Loop 820 and N 287, has bins for lawn, limbs and organic materials. All of your grass, limbs, shrubs and branches are shredded to make mulch, which you can shovel and take home for FREE. 

  • Pickup trucks pulling single axle trailers are permitted, but not dual axle trailers.

  • No commercial vehicles

  • You must show proof of your FW residency, water bill or driver's license.

Please be patient as the crews are working long days to clean up the huge mess Mother Nature left us.

Electroninc Gaming "8-Liners"
Community Meeting well attended

The Community Meeting on the new City Council ordinance on 8-liners/gaming machines was held Monday October 13th at the Handley Meadowbrook Recreation Center at 6:00. City staff members explained the changes, took questions and address concerns about the proposed ordinance changes regarding electronic games and game rooms.
Residents asked questions regarding procedures after the ordinance was passed, and how Code and Law enforcement would deal with violators. Most of the suggestions from the September City Council meeting have been incorporated into the new ordinance, with a few minor verbage changes to be added after this meeting.  Below is the list of significant changes requested by Eastsiders, and other in opposition to gaming machines.

Proposed Zoning Ordinance changes:
    •    PD approved by the City Council is required
    •    Location must already be zoned I, J or K
    •    Must be located 1,000 feet from residential use or district, measured property line/property line or property line/district boundary
    •    There must be a 1,000 foot separation between game rooms
    •    6” letters on sign are required
    •    Exterior windows must allow visibility to manager station and game machines
    •    Each game room is limited to 30 machines
    •    No grandfathering of sites or operations

Proposed Chapter 20 changes:
    •    Yearly license and inspection fees;
    •    License decals for each machine with verbiage regarding legal payout from machines;
    •    Requirement  that the owner/operator keep records that are readily available for
    •    inspection which indicate the daily cash taken in and prizes awarded from each machine;
    •    Submission by the owner/operator to a criminal background check by the Police Department; Requirement that the owner/operator must have and provide a key to motherboard when requested by the Police;
    •    Requirement that the owner/operator have a manager station;
    •    Valid permit in order to locate or store machines on the premises; and
    •    Requirement that doors be unlocked during business hours.

Hosts Leonard Firestone in October

The East Fort Worth Business Association meeting in October at Smokey’s was packed with members and guests eager to hear from Leonard Firestone about the F&R plans for a new distillery for their product at the Glen Garden Country Club property. This new facility in Southeast Fort Worth does not signal the closing of the present facility on Vickery. The two facilities will have different types of machinery to be used in the distilling process to produce different products.

Firestone explained their reason for choosing the new location. The present location on Vickery has been so successful, and their product has become so sought after, that they are unable to produce enough to satisfy the market. The tours and visitor interest caused a need for a space which, in their mind, needed to be more like the distilleries in Kentucky and Tennessee which are on estate like grounds, with space for guests to come for the tours and enjoy fine dining and a true experience.

When they saw the advertising that the Glen Garden Country Club was for sale and upon visiting with the owners and realizing the potential for the property the agreement was made and the zoning applied for. The zoning is in place and the due diligence on the deal in in progress.

Firestone and Robertson plan barrel barns, a distillery building, and saving the existing clubhouse for hospitality. It’s a large piece of property and much of the green space will be preserved. There are no plans
at this time for operating the golf course as, in Firestone’s words, “We are not golf course operators. We are distillers”. 

Gyna Bivens Announces for 2015

by Wanda Conlin

At a fun gathering at Woodhaven Country Club after several supporters had given remarks about Bivens successes in her first term, Bivens announced to the gathering that she would be running for a second term in 2015.
This was good news to the more than 75 who had come to hear just that. In the short time Bivens has been in office she has concentrated on cleaning up stagnant and derelict properties in District 5 which had been allowed to be a detriment to economic development for years.
District 5 is a huge geographic area stretching from far south all the way to DFW Airport. There are pockets of poverty where jobs are scarce and areas of upscale homes and big employers offering high paying jobs. Bivens has met the challenges she faces with energy and enthusiasm. In her words, “District 5 is rocking”. 

Bell Helicopter has moved its headquarters to District 5, new corporations are choosing Centerport as their home, a master plan for Cavile Place, and a huge development just off Trinity Boulevard are all either in place or in the development stage. Bivens asked the audience to “Fly with me”. The audience was ready.

Blue Zones Project

Blue Zones Project® held a meeting Tuesday, October 14, at Meadowbrook UMC Fellowship Hall, 3900 Meadowbrook Dr. Fort Worth, TX 76103.  Blue Zones Project® Fort Worth, is an exciting new well-being initiative, is coming to Meadowbrook United Methodist Church for a free family-focused community event. 

Guests enjoyed a light dinner, children’s activities and a chance for door prizes while discovering how businesses, schools, neighborhoods and restaurants throughout Fort Worth can increase quality of living and add years to your life.  Friends, family, neighbors and co-workers came to learn how to live a longer, healthier, happier life.

To learn more about Blue Zones Project, visit

If you have questions, contact

Letter to the Editor

GMN website gets Results!

Dear GMN Editor,

  Thank you so much for running my hospice volunteer recruitment announcement a few weeks ago. It resulted in 2 new volunteers and a renewed old friendship. A woman who wanted to volunteer in the office asked her daughter-in-law if she’d like to volunteer because she used to work in hospice. As it turned out, her daughter- in-law and I had worked together for several years at a now-defunct hospice in NRH and had lost touch.

So thanks for the new volunteers and thanks for helping me find this gal!  

Debbie Afzali
Volunteer Coordinator
Interim Hospice