The fight continues in Concrete Plant application

"Team Little Guys" needs you to get involved to stop this plant.

Friday June 23, – Judy Taylor  just sent in new information!

The TCEQ survey was extended! We are now in the middle of another 30 day timeframe to post comments. At this point there are 513 comments on their site, we need more, my thought another 500 would be wonderful. Please help us get more people to send their opposition, more than one report is accepted if people would consider another statement.

 Add your comments TODAY.  You can file an electronic statement easily by using the link below and the registration number:

Registration Number 146263

Act NOW, and ask friends and relatives to join us in this fight.


The July 13 meeting, brought to us by Representative Nicole Collier, is going to be extremely important because the more bodies they see in the room, the more impact it will make on these people from Austin.

We will listen and respectfully ask questions, before they return home to make a decision. This is not a time when people will be allowed to make speeches, we will be hosting people from many other areas and need to show them what great RESPECTFUL people we can be.

Plan to be on your best behavior, we can do this. We may not be big business but we are community. So far we have been seen by the city, who then wrote a beautiful Resolution to TCEQ asking for denial of Mr Hall's permit request. (resolution link published below)

This is an ongoing issue and you need to keep up daily with where we stand. Will Mr. Hall apply for another Zone Change, or keep trying new aproaches, hoping to catch us not watching. (slim chance of THAT happening, there are more of us than he realizes.)



This meeting with  TCEQ and representatives at Nolan High School, Thursday, July 13, 6-8pm  will be important for many reasons.

1. We will get a better understanding of how they can help.

2. Why they can not help.

3. Show them through numbers that this is something that will not be accepted along East 1st Street.

4. It will bring even more attention to our case.

My understanding is we will listen, ask questions then they will go home and hopefully work to protect us.

Take time now to mark your calendar,  then invite others to join with us at Nolan High School ready to listen and ask your questions in a positive way with respect for everyone. This is not a time to be combative we have to take the high road regardless what is being said and done by others.

We are being told Mr Hall is planning to attend, this is our chance for him to see our determination with numbers attending.

Possibly there will be some kind of change presented that can help us all.

Please help us get the word to hundreds of concerned citizens.

UPDATE! June 20, 2017

from Judy Taylor, Handley Neighborhood Association: 
The City needs to know we appreciate and support their efforts. Please post this link on your Facebook, Nextdoor and send an email to friends and relatives, we need to be seen as concerned about our community and city. I think that at the very least, we need to encourage people to go online today, June 20, and post comments supporting the resolution.

That can be done online:

Scroll  down to XX:  Resolutions.
Click  on the Speaker / Comment button

 A Resolution Opposing the Application for an Air Quality Standard Permit to East First Recycling LLC, (Registration No. 146263) for a Permanent Concrete Crusher  at 5317 East 1st Street, Fort Worth, Texas.

 Resolution - RESOLUTION.pdf


Alice Barr of NBC5 did a story on our "Team Little Guy" fight. View the video here:


My office has been in communication with TCEQ and  Councilmember Moon's office regarding Mr. Hall's  application and we have confirmed that city zoning trumps  the air quality permit that TCEQ issues.

Also, I did  request an informational hearing for his permit. TCEQ is ready to schedule the informational meeting for Mr. Hall's application.

The type of application that this company has applied for does not lend itself to a public hearing. It will be an "informational" meeting only.

You will be allow to ask questions and voice your concern but it will not be like the other hearing where the information was for the record and used to process the application.

As I get responses and room availability, meeting time & place will be published.



In this fight, eastsiders are sending their comments in to the TCEQ and to their neighborhood associations. Handley NA President Judy Taylor is leading the letter writing campaign for her neighborhood.  William Burns sent in multiple letters and sent this report to Judy Taylor:


Just being a good neighbor that does not want to breathe micro-silicon particles caused from crushing cement, or avoid the 18-wheelers jack-knifing to turn left on Oakland and on Randol Mill.

Good news - both the Senate and the House member called me back after my long diatribe of letters and reports, and both called TECQ and the house member requested a public hearing which will be set for a date this summer.  I assume that they talked to Cary Moon's office as I suggested. Regardless, the more comment letters to TECQ, the better.

The goal should be at least 500 with many references to health, traffic, the local schools, and reduction in property values leads to tax loss for city. We now have another 30 days to comment!  So keep reaching out!   And now is the time for anyone in HNA who has news contacts to reach out and have them cover the hearing and spread public awareness.

Hopefully, the neighborhood associations can garner another showing of 400+ residents, if not more this time.  Channel 11 CBS News ran stories at 5pm and 6pm.  The more press coverage, the more likely to attract focus from elected leaders in city hall and the state.

William and Luciana Byrnes"

I received a call from Judy Taylor earlier asking me to send everyone a message regarding Concrete Crushing plant.  Channel 5 will have a news story regarding this plant at 4 & 5 pm for those that would like to watch.

Bluestone drops bid to drill Lake Arlington injection well !

Gameroom Updates

Update from city attorneys:

Nearly all of the zoning provisions were held to be preempted by state statute:  the provision that required game rooms to be only in industrial areas, only one game room in a building or strip center, and the 1000-foot spacing requirement from church, school, residential district or use, or any other game room.  Some of the fees were found to be preempted, some were not.  For stand-alone game rooms, we are able to enforce our requirement that doors be left unlocked during hours of operation and hours of operation.

Both parties have appealed the Court’s ruling, so this will be at the Fort Worth Court of Appeals for a long time.  It is important for everyone to remember that Police may still enforce state criminal statutes, this has been effective in the past.  Also, in future seizure cases, the entire machine will be seized, stored, and then after enough are seized, the machines will be taken out of the state and sold.  Dallas has had great success by using this.

One bit of good news:  Last week the governor signed a bill that will allow Tarrant County to be added to a list of  specific counties that can regulate game rooms.  The law will not become effective until September 1, but that will give the City time to work with the County.


Homeless Coalition launches search for new director

The Tarrant County Homeless Coalition (TCHC) is starting a national search for its next executive director. The coalition’s board is looking for an outstanding leader who can further the work to provide “A home for all.”

The search for a new leader comes after Otis Thornton’s announcement that he is stepping down later this year. Thornton, who is getting married and moving to Tennessee, has led the coalition since 2015. Prior to that, he led the City of Fort Worth’s homelessness programs for nine years.

Over the past year, the TCHC has worked with partner agencies to overhaul and standardize the coordinated entry process to expedite a return to housing. Fine-tuning this system will be a key task of the new director, along with addressing an extreme shortage of housing that is affordable to the poorest households in the region.

Neighborhoods will again boost city’s food drive efforts

For more than 20 years, the City of Fort Worth has held an employee food drive benefiting the Tarrant Area Food Bank (TAFB). And in recent years, city employees have collected between $75,000 and $100,000 worth of food and donations each year.

Despite their contributions, the demand on the TAFB — which is the primary source of donated food for hunger-relief charities and a feeding program in 12 North Texas counties — has only increased. Last year, more than 47,000 households that include children, seniors, single parents, the chronically-ill, disabled, unemployed or laid-off workers, the working poor, victims of abuse, and the homeless — many of whom could be a neighbor, co-worker or even a family member — received assistance from the food bank.

This year, the city will again encourage participation from neighborhoods. The Neighborhood Services Department is spearheading the effort, which begins June 19 and runs through July 21.

Just as in years past, a competition will be held to determine which neighborhood can collect the most food and donations. Donations and drop-off sites can be coordinated through city departments and participating neighborhoods.

The neighborhood that collects the most pounds of food and/or monetary donations will be recognized by Mayor Betsy Price and earn bragging rights as the winner of the neighborhood donation competition.

To learn more, call 817-392-5773.

Arena bonds allow residents to buy a piece of Fort Worth's future

Artist rendering of new arena.

Fort Worth has never had a mechanism in place to allow residents to buy city bonds. Now, with the construction of the Dickies Arena, that opportunity exists.

On June 19, Fort Worth and Texas residents can invest in Series 2017A and Series 2017B bonds before they are offered to institutional investors the next day.

Residents will be allowed to buy bonds in $5,000 increments, up to $500,000 each. Buyers will be able to select a date when they want their investment paid back, starting as early as March 2021, and decide if they want to invest in taxable or tax-exempt bonds.

Fort Worth and Texas residents will have priority on June 19, but they’ll be placed among other investors on the second day.

The City Council authorized the sale of $240 million in bonds. Until now, city bonds were only offered to institutional investors.

The city is issuing debt to cover its portion of construction costs related to the Dickies Arena. The city’s portion is capped at $225 million, with the remaining construction costs paid by Event Facilities Fort Worth, a private partner that is constructing and will operate the new arena.

Read a prospectus online.

Purchasing bonds

To establish an account to purchase bonds, or to learn more, call one of the following companies:

    J.P. Morgan — 855-231-8873

    Citigroup — 855-644-7252

    Wells Fargo Securities — 866-287-3221


Brentwood-Oak Hills NA Past President, Gene Kuhler, passes

It is with great sadness that I report the news that Gene Kuhler died about 3:30 p.m., Sunday, June 11.  He had been at a rehab facility for a few weeks, (for strength and balance exercises) came home last week, took a rapid downturn, and hospice services were engaged Friday evening. He died at home,  surrounded by his wife and family.

Funeral Services for Gene Kuhler have been set for 2:00 p.m. Saturday, June 24, at Shannon Rose Hill Funeral Chapel and Cemetery, 7301 E. Lancaster Ave., Fort Worth, TX 76112. 817-451-3333

Gene was President of the Brentwood-Oak Hills Neighborhood (BOHN) Association for 4 years from July 2009 through June 2013, and he volunteered as a BOHN COP from 2003-2015, attended the Code Blue meetings and CAC meetings held at the HM Rec Center.

 Gene also served faithfully on the Fort Worth League of Neighborhood Associations during some of those years when he was BOHN president, never missing a monthly  board or quarterly general meeting of the League.

Gene was the BOHN team leader for the Cowtown Cleanup, and in his daily walks with his dog, picked up trash on his street.

Tobi Jackson sent in this picture of Gene from a recent Eastern Hills High School game. The five Kuhler children attended EHHS, & Gene loved Football.

Gene will be dearly missed by his neighbors and many friends.

Truman and Patsy Marshall were close friends and kept in touch with Gene and Gene's wife Patricia.  Services will be at Shannon Rose Hill.  (Where two of their sons are buried.)



Eugene (Gene) F. Kuhler, 86, passed away peacefully surrounded by his family on Sunday, June 11, 2017 at home in his beloved neighborhood in Fort Worth, Texas.

Celebration of life for Gene is at 2:00 p.m. on Saturday, June 24th at the Shannon Rose Hill Funeral Chapel Fort Worth, Texas.

Gene was born in Rhineland, Texas on January 31, 1931 to Lawrence Joseph and Minnie (Bruggeman) Kuhler.  Gene was a graduate of St. Edwards University in Austin, Texas and was a veteran of the Korean War.  Throughout his professional career, he was a salesman with various companies.  His greatest passions were the news, politics, gardening, bird watching, golfing, traveling around the country, NASCAR racing and fishing.  He loved his neighbors and neighborhood.  He served as President of his neighborhood association from 2009 to 2013 as well as participated in many other community efforts.  He loved getting to know people, taking care of friends and family, making people laugh and helping everyone he knew.  He was a great husband, father, father-in-law, grandfather and great-grandfather and will be incredibly missed by all of us. He had a huge impact on all our lives and left us with many great memories.

He is survived by his wife of 63 years Patricia (Thompson); sisters Anita Thresher (husband Colby), Corine Gieb (husband Hal) and brother Tim (wife Darlene); four children David (wife Dawn), Amy Groff (husband Jerry), Michael (wife Toi), Richard (wife Peaun); 3 grandchildren Ryan Groff (wife Katie), Emily Groff and Nicole Kuhler; and great-granddaughter Skylar Groff.  He is preceded in death by his three sons Robert, Steven and James; and sister Dolores Watson and husband Mort.

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